Gen X Bikes - Rediscovering the Bikes of Our Youth

I build, restore, collect and showcase Old School BMX Bikes. What started as wanting to rebuild a few 80s bikes for my family and find my childhood GT has exploded into a world of discovery and nostalgia. 


These are more than just Old School bikes to me; they are a cache of memories. For many of us, the 1980s were days of riding bikes, climbing trees, and playing games with our friends. But as we’ve grown older, we may have lost touch with that sense of childlike wonder. These bikes help recapture the feeling of innocence and joy that we once knew, which is why I am so passionate about what I do. 

My collection is constantly evolving and primarily consists of survivors from the 1980s, including GT, Dyno, Haro, MCS, Torker, Murray, Skyway, National Pro, Thruster, Redline, Hutch, Mongoose, SE Bikes, Huffy, Diamond Back, Raleigh…